She bought new underwear. They blue...

...and she wore 'em just the other dah-ee!

So Lena won it for Germany - and I don't think any of us saw it coming, despite the fact that she had been second favourite with the bookies since day one.

Have to say that I wasn't a big fan of her "mockney" accent when the song was first selected, but over the past two weeks I have been bopping away to it big style at all of the parties.

Being half German, I have LONG wanted to go to Germany for the contest, so once the voting was well under way last night (and all thoughts of Baku were happily cleared from my mind) I found myself being overwhelmed with joy that Germany was about to secure it's first win in 28 years.

They have come a long way since Nicole and A Little Peace back in 1982.

And wasn't it refreshing that a Big 4 country, with no real political or neighbourly voting allies, could storm to victory simply by sending a modern, catchy and worthy pop song?  There's a big lesson in there...

Finally, here's a link to my piece in this Friday's Scotsman newspaper.  They asked me for a more personal account of my time in Oslo this year, so that's exactly what they got!

So, until we meet again for Eurovision 2011 somewhere in Germany
I leave you with Lena's performance of Satellite.  Winner of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest...



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