From Russia With Love - Part 5

Tuesday 12 May 2009

OK folks!

Semi 1 is upon us.  12 hours to go and counting, so I thought I'd better give you some thoughts on what might (and might not) happen this evening...

First of all, I'm REALLY worried that Sweden may not make the final!   The reception it's been getting here is lukewarm at best.  Of course I still love it, but Malena may well find herself on a plane home tomorrow if the televoters don't get it either.

Bosnia, on the other hand, is going to win this semi easily. (7/4 with Paddy Power to win Semi 1 if anyone wants a fly bet).  Their performance is slick, polished and powerful - plus it's on last.  A dead cert for Top 5 on Saturday, if not Top 3.

Armenia, Turkey, Romania and Malta are the other certain qualifiers tonight, which leaves room for 5.  I expect these to be Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, and then 2 from either Macedonia, Israel, Sweden or (surprisingly) Belarus.

Can't see anything other than Czech Republic finishing last tonight.

The two Semi Presenters are terrible (especially her).  The script is embarrassingly bad!  However, there is a sweet little fairytale at the beginning featuring the 2 little Russian sisters who won Junior Eurovision a few years ago.

So, it's on BBC3 at 8pm tonight, for anyone who fancies a giggle.

Finally, bumped into our Jade and the two fab Azeri singers last night.  Told Jade she had to win it and bring it home to the UK! (which is looking like a decided possibility - one journalist yesterday suggested it's a two horse race now, between Norway and the UK - but I still think Top 5 would be good enough for us).


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