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Congratulations Denmark!!!

Well, it was always the most likely winner, and after all the speculation about what might or might not win, Emmelie de Forest gave Denmark a convincing win (thankfully beating Azerjibin into second place, with Ukraine placing third).

I have never been a big fan of the Danish song, but the people of Europe have spoken and they obviously love Emmelie's song, and surely that's what's important.  I really hope she manages to get a big hit with Only Teardrops, and starts a long and successful career on the back of her win.

I loved the large billboard Danish broadcaster, DR, had strategically placed outside the arena as everyone was milling out at the end of the show.  Cocky!!!

Our Bonnie finished in 19th place, with was at least out of the bottom 5, but having heard how she came over on TV I really can't say I'm that surprised...  it was a pleasant song, but really nothing more than that.

Hopefully next year we'll get someone a little more "current" to fl…

Final predictions

OK then.  So the big day is finally here and tonight the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be known.

Who will it be?

Well, the bookies effectively closed the book weeks ago, with Denmark now being the strongest favourite to win virtually since the contest began.  It's won every fan poll going (but not - I would point out - the Infamous Scottish Preview Party vote!

Whatever you think of the song (and I really don't see the appeal that everyone else seems to), you can't deny it's the obvious choice to win this evening...

I still fancy the changes of my favourite Georgians, Nodi & Sophie - and think they will figure in the Top 5.

I'm also crossing everything for my actual favourite song in the contest, from the Brillian Margaret Berger and Norway!  I'm sure she'll figure in the final Top 5.

We can't rule out the possibility of Azerjibin sneaking a second win in three years...  So I also see them in the Top 5.

And I think the final song wh…


OOOOH!  Have a look at Celine Dion!!!

Hass reporting live from the press centre - Priceless!!!!

This is all-shades of awesome!  My good mate Hass telling it like it is!  Hilarious and Fab-U-Lous!!!

Scotland on Sunday

I forgot to post the link to my article is Sunday's SOS.  So for anyone who didn't see it, here you go:

Euphoria in Emporia!

The shopping centre next door is offering punters the opportunity to try on a Loreen wig and strike a pose...  Well, you just would, wouldn't you?

Did you miss Lynda?

I've just heard that the Beeb didn't broadcast Part 2 of Lynda Woodruff's journey through Sweden - and it was hilarious (as ever!)

Here you go...

In case you need to refresh your memory of Part one of her journey, here your are:

More reactions...

What a FAB result last night!  I may only have correctly predicted 8 out of the 10 finalists, but I was really chuffed to see Hungary make the cut, and that every single one of my Top 5 songs prior to coming here have made it to the final.
Brilliant to see the fabulous Krista from Finland getting a place in the final!  She got one of the biggest cheers in the hall last night, along with the Mega Margaret from Norge!

Talking of Norway, guess who got on TV waving the Norwegian flag straight after the song was finished...

Ooh! Fame at last....  But we do look rather ecstatic, don't we?

Before going along to the show we attended the OGAE (Old Gays that Adore Eurovision) UK party.

Richard Arnold from ITV's Daybreak was there doing a piece that apparently went out this morning focusing on why so many of these men were in Malmo without their wives...

Here's me with David and Rob, two lovely Northern lads who are obviously too young to have wives.

Please note that I was wearing my…

Semi Final 2: My predictions

Well, for me Semi 2 is FAR stronger than the first one, but I'm already sensing that we might be in for one or two rather unpleasant shocks this evening.  I think there are around 4 songs which are guaranteed to go through this evening (including my two favourites Norway and Georgia) but who is going to take the other places is really difficult to predict.

The mass exodus of 5 of the ex-Yugoslav nations on Tuesday means that only little FYROM could now make the final, and whilst Esma is one of the regions biggest stars (and has been for decades) I can't see how she'll get through without those others voting for her.  Of course Albania, Romania, Blugaria and Greece are also technically Balkan and they do vote this evening - so it's not impossible.  I think they're just going to miss out, however, in favour of these 10:
LATVIA (Yup, it's horrible, but it's a strong opener and the kids in yesterday's audience were screaming like they were at a One Directi…

The BEST Eurovision party of all time!!!!

As you all know Elaine and I have been great fans and promoters of this year's Georgian song and singers since we met them last month in Amsterdam.

Well, the Georgians were very aware of this and very kindly asked us, and Paul (Dr Eurovision), along to a VERY select gathering yesterday in the Georgian Embassy here in Malmo.
So there we were in our glad rags (please note the red and white ensemble in honour of our hosts!) and we arrived at the building where we'd been told the eembassy was.  It seemed to be like a very posh tenement, so up we went and knocked on the door.  Oops!  A young man answered and told us it was upstairs - this was his (very attractively furnished and tidy) flat!  Up another flight of stairs and knocked on the door.  An old lady answered and told us this was her flat and to go up another level!  She asked me where we came from so I told her, to which she replied, "oh I LOVE the United Kingdom!"  so I told her to Vote Bonnie!!!

When were eventua…


OK, Belgium I can just about live with...but Lithuania?  Hello! What's that all about?  Oh well, good luck to him, but I'm not a fan.  At all!

Absolutely delighted about fabby fab Estonia and Netherlands... How cool does Anouk look in the picture above?

I'm a bit sad for the Croatian boys and the girlies from Serbia not making it, but Serbia looked a mess, and I don't think the Knight Dresses helped Croatia's cause.  The plain suits would have worked better.

So there we are.  I predicted 7 out of 10, and I'm glad I was wrong about Estonia.  I love that song.

Semi Final 1 - My Predictions

OK, so the first big day is finally here, and this evening we'll know which ten songs from Semi Final 1 are going forward to be performed in Saturday's Grand Final.

This is a strange year, as many folk I've spoken to here think that Semi one is by far the stronger Semi whilst others (myself included) think that the second Semi is streets ahead in terms of quality... (my Top 4 songs all come from the second show).

Anyway, I think tonight has potential to stage one or two upsets and whilst these are not the ten that I would want to go through, here are the ten songs that I predict will qualify tonight:

CROATIADENMARK (Still the bookies' fave - but I STILL don't get it!) RUSSIA (this was FABULOUS yesterday... first time I've seen it as a contender)UKRAINE (despite the giant!)NETHERLANDS (I think this may even win this Semi!  Amazing performance)  MONTENEGRO (I think the song is vile but it's going to pick up lots of Balkan votes plus those from non-traditional Eu…

The Essential!

Hello Mr Italy!  Nice song, by the way...

Opening Party and other fab stuff!

Hola!  So yesterday we had the Opening Party in the evening.  We met many of the artists in Euroclub later in the evening, after they had been wined and dined at the Opera.  Press weren't invited to the actual opening party at the Opera, but we got to watch it live in the big cinema at Euroclub, with a live commentary by Sweden's answer to Joan Rivers...  "...and there's the Israeli girl in a fabulous pink dress and matching spectacles... Ryan from Ireland loves to do watersports..."

Here are some of the pics from last night, along with some from earlier in the week and from when we met Norwegian Margaret yesterday... She LOVED the Minipop Icon on herself and thought that Ben had caught her likeness really well!

Anyway, the first full run through of Semi 1 is about to start so more thoughts on that and on qualifiers after... In the meantime enjoy the pictures...

The first one seem to feature a Bonnie Bunch of folk!!!

Separated at birth 3

It's Macedonian mother of 47 (no really!) Esma and our very own Hass!

I Love Belarus!

Well, I love all their sugar, and those nice blue cocktails that they were serving at the party they held last night at any rate.

Here's the fab girlies from Serbia.  I just LOVE  Sara's smile (the one next to me).

Me and Juha looking like a Finnish Comedy double-act!

 With the lovely Jody and Monty!

Could I just pause to say... OMFG!!!

Taken during the Irish rehearsal on Friday by my good pal David Ransted, these are the two drummers/dancers that back Ryan Dolan.  Quite simply the most stunning photo I've EVER seen from 24 years of attending Eurovision rehearsals...  I've told him he needs to sell this pronto (and make shedloads of money from it).

Today's highlights

2 countries shone bright on Big Saturday... let's hope the same two are celebrating next Saturday!

Congratulations to Margaret from Norway and to Sophie & Nodi from Georgia - Surely the top two acts to come from Semi Final 2.

I'm still predicting Georgia as the winner...and more and more people are doing the same.  However, if either of these two songs win then I will be beyond extatic!

Bonnie is up tomorrow... should be interesting!

Oops Malmo!

The case of the unfortunately placed hyphen...

Thankfully, we're all fine, and the food is fab!

The longest day begins...

So here we are at the start of the longest day of Eurovision 2013.  All 17 countries from Semi 2 rehearse today, which means 30 min run throughs for each and then 20 minute press conferences an hour or so after each one finished on stage. 
That means that we're going to be in the press centre until around midnight tonight!  Thankfully there's a nice restaurant here, and we have tippy-tap tap water to sustain us...

Yesterday our favourite Belarussian Supermodel/Eurovision Artiste treated us all to goodie-bags filled with enough sugar encrusted sweet things to send any diabetic journalists into orbit somewhere around the planet Solayoh!

How very generous, you might think, until you took a closer look at the sell-by date on the back of the packaging...

Naughty Belarus!