Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 2

So, we survived the opening night of Euroclub despite the fact that there were no tokens for free booze this time (boo!).  A fabulous night with all the old and new faves being belted out on the dancefloor.  Paul will be delighted to hear that the biggest crowd pleaser of the evening was our Swedish Schlager fave, Samba Sambero!  Our crowd were all seen going mental on the floor to Ukrainian Drag Diva Verka Serduchka - we did "the dance" - FAB!
It's still bloody cold here, freezing rain all day yesterday and tonight we have minus six degrees forecast - Lordi indeed!  Do these people not know that it's Eurovision and we ALWAYS have sun at Euro week?
Lot's of fab rehearsals yesterday but special mention to Moldova, who blew everyone esle away with a stunning performance of her frenetic rock ballad.  The Swiss Vampires were also very good and would still remain my tip for the top from what we've seen so far.
Best press conference was the Belarussian one, where the composer of the song (who we all know from his pervious Euro particpations) stole the limelight away from his young protoge.  He told the potographers not to stop taking his photo as he is a big Diva!  Then he told us the not only was he a bitch but he was a rich bitch!  Then he handed out outragously big boxes of chocolates to various members of the press.  A true character!
The Serbian lady has just done her first rehearsal and it's NOT looking good for the other bookies favourite.  A very understated performance, with her being backed by 5 girls dressed as what can only be described as flat-capped miners from a Yorkshire pit!  Of course it doesn't help that she has a face that looks like she's been hit with a frying pan and a very becoming pudding bowl haircut...   She sang it well but everyone we've spoken to seems disappointed.

OK.  Portuguese press conference now, and Norway is rehearsing soon too.  Woo hoo.  Danca Conmigo!!!
Ciao from the frozen North.


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