Hej Hej fran Oslo!

Good morning from the very pink and white press centre here in sunny Oslo! (I say sunny, but I'm lying - the heavens opened at around 7 this morning and it's been torrential ever since!).  It is warm though, so that's something.

Yesterday we popped out here to the Telenor Arena to pick up our accrediations and press bags (a very swishy little black man-bag decorated with pink bubbles - these folks know thier audience!).  The press facilities are amazing.  Swish white lounges with pink and black cushions and cerise flower arrangements - somone said it was like the set for a gay wedding!

As Robin didn't fly out until Saturday, and we came in on Friday night I was staying in the All Kinds of Everything website flat, as one of 11 flatmates over the course of the next 2 weeks!

As I was only there for the one night I had the honour of being the first flatmate to be "evicted" yesterday.

You can see the eviction in all it's glory here:

So, last night we went out for a meal and then a quiet drink in a local "establishment".  Four hours later and much, much dancing to many of this year's Euro hits (with the highlights being "Shalalie" and "Manboy"!) I got to bed around 2am.

The rehearsals have started, and after a frenetic Moldovan jig about, we had the dull as ditchwater Russian and Estonian dirges... Ho hum - I think it's lunch...


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