From Russia With Love - Part 2

Tuesday 5 May 2009

"The tanks are coming, the tanks are coming!" 

The words of one of my highly strung fellow reporters last night as we set off down towards Red Square in search of some local cuisine.

Turns out they were having a run through for Saturday's forthcoming Victory Day celebrations, so all the main streets were cordoned off so that the Russian Military Might could parade it's wears down the street.  Have to say it a tad unsettling standing taking photos of tanks, missile launchers and lorries waving red flags, but - if they've got to flaunt it, who are we not to look impressed at the size of their Kalashnikovs?

Mid way through the parade I got the best pic of undoubtedly the star of the whole thing anyway - who happened to be sat on the windowsill of the Louis Vuitton shop with her owner. FAB!!!

After the soldier boys had finished showing us their weapons we carried on our  search for local cuisine - which tuned out to be a Chinese!  Lovely food, and it's amazing what you can do with a couple of apple fritters after a few Chinese beers...

So back to the matter in hand...

How completely gorgeous is the set for Portugal?  Have to say this one went WAY up in my rankings after their run through yesterday.  Fabulous!

Malta's Chiara was also superb (although they seem to be ditching the underwater background, presumably for fear of comments about whales).  She was faultless, as were the magnificent boys from Bosnia - who many (including myself) are touting for victory in the first Semi.

Today we saw the red hot favourite, Alexander from Norway, do his first rehearsal, and of course he went down HUGE amongst the gathered press.  There is certainly a big, big buzz about him here in Moscow, and many fail to see how anything else can stop this from winning the whole thing.

However, the revelation, in more ways than one, for me today was Croatia.  Boy can Igor sing live!  He was absolutely superb and, it really has to be said, extremely dishy (how old fashioned is that word?!) too.  Judge for yourselves in a candid little shot I got of him on his knees...

So, tonight is the grand opening of Euroclub (the place where delegates go to party and relax - ie get pissed!).  The BIG news is the return of vouchers (regular readers will remember the many sordid tales of very sore heads in Athens after their voucher system!).  How completely fabulous! 

So, I'm off to get my glad rags on...

Dos vi dan'ye!


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