Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 5

Lordi Lordi!
I've been asked to appear on Finnish Breakfast TV tomorrow morning....  Heaven's above, they must be desperate!
My pal Robin and I are to be at their City Centre studios for 8.10am.  Thankfully they are within staggering distance from the hotel.  Don't these people know that we have a very busy evening full of Cranberry and Vodkas ahead of us?  How inconsiderate to make us get up so early! 
Apparently they want us to talk about our love of the contest, our passion for kitsch, and I would expect they'll be asking us for a decent quiche recipe too...   Must remember to wear my Parka!
So, we've just had a run through of the Semi final.  Bloomin heck, 28 songs is an AWFUL lot of songs to sit through!  Especially when there are some right stinkers in there.  Nevertheless, we had great performances today from Bulgaria, Belarus, Switzerland, Denmark, Serbia, Malta, Andorra (but I HATE it!), Slovenia, Turkey and Latvia.  So at this stage, those are the 10 I think might qualify for tomrrow night's Semi Final.   These may change though, so a more accurate prediction tomorrow...
Last night we attended the Slavic Party (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine).  Verka (our favourite drag Ukranian housewife) brought the house down with her perfomance of "Tanzen".  Everywhere she goes the crowd just goes mad for her.  I think the applause for her on Saturday night is going to be deafening.  To be honest, I really can't see anything else winning the contest now.
We are going back to Kyiv next May!
I really think the only one that might come close is Russia, and then Sweden in third.  Of the Semi Finalists I reckon Andorra and Lativa are the best bets to do well, but not win, I don't think.
Goodness, who knows?
More media frenzy tomorrow, must go and buy something fabulous to wear for my Finnish TV debut!


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