Happy Syttende Mai!

It's Norway's National Day today - which means even more fab constumes than usual for us to admire and pass comment on!  Basically, everyone in Norway gets dolled up to the nines and then goes out and gets completely pissed for the day!  Apparently they save their Green Shield stamps for the whole year in order to afford the two crates of pear cider they each consume during the celebrations.

Last night was the opening of Euro Club (the offical nightclub for all the delegates!).  Lots of joyful folk there, enjoying the expensive booze (£6 a half pint - £7 a bottle of pear cider), and bopping away to the the fabby eurovision DJ, who was playing ESC hits past and present.  Then the live band came on...

"Hit Parade" - for such was thier name - lead us through a plethora of frankly atrocious cover versions.  However, the mood was lifted slightly when they were mobbed on satge by the party loving Moldovan atrists who grabbed the microphone and shouted the the assembled delegates somthing that sounded like, "OSLO - DO YOU WANNA POTTY!" Hilarious!

And so day 2 of reharsals begins...

Poland has already been belting out his operatic dirge (complete with backing singers in national costumes and a dozen granny smith apples - don't ask...).  Little Tom from Belgium is still pleasant, but dull.

Finally for now, my fave quote from yesterday's press conferences. Asked why Anna from Sweden was the favourite entry of one of the Latvian backing singers, she replied, "oh, because she's such a simple, simple girl..."!


  1. A simple, simple girl in a simple, simple musical world! Says it all really. Not sure I wanna potty at £6 a pint but maybe that's better than listening to "Hit Parade". Is this what happenend to Pan's People?


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