Party Party!

Goodness - a busy weekend for parties!  Friday night saw us strutting our stuff with the Russian boys. Interestingly, their Euro song is nothing like their other stuff which is all very uptempo and fun.  As you can see, we made the most of the free booze (no potato pancakes though!).

Caught up with the very fabulous Niamh Kavanagh from Ireland (who won it in 93, and is back for another crack at the Grand Prix).  What a nice lady she is!  I, for one, would be more than happy with a wee trip to Dublin next year (even if her song is a weaker version of the mega magnificent Norwegian entry from Dishy Didrik!).

Last night we were all invited to the grand Georgian party, which was held in Oslo's very swishy and stunning new opera house.
We had a red carpet welcome, and were ushered inside where there were copious amounts of Georgian red and white wine, and gorgeous dishes of hors d'oeuvres for us to fill our faces!

We were treated to some delightful Georgian folk dancing, which seemd to involve big frocks and lots of spinning around, so the audience (mostly made up of dizzy queens anyway) seemed well pleased!

After that we went to the Greek/Cypriot party where the shock news was that there was no free bar - what?!!!  Do they not know the format for these things?   How can us journalists write fabulous things about thier songs if we are sober?  Jeez...  We didn't stay long...

Finally, our very own Josh rehearsed for the first time yesterday.

It was adequate....


  1. I see the Georgian surf team have parked outside the Opera House. The food looks nice but I'm not sure about the Georgian magician with nothing up her sleeves.


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