Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 1

OK, Press accreditation sorted, it's 8.30 and we're sitting in the press centre, waiting for the Bulgarians to get themselves ready for this morning's first rehearsal!
Did you notice how I skippied over yesterday?...
That might be something to do with the scarier than hell appraoch into Helsinki airport, made the whitest white knuckle ride at Disney seem like the Alice In Wonderland ride.... oh my God!   SCARY!!!!  
Or was it the fact that I had arrived in Helsinki and my suitcase was still sitting in Copenhagen?...
Maybe it was the fact that everything was white from the very VERY heavy sleet-snow showers that greeted us?...
Did I mention the fact that it was 2 degrees?...
However.  All the crowd are here.  We had a fab meal together last night, washed down by copious amounts of the local Pear Cider (Yum!), my bag arrived, and the hotel is just fabby (and very central).
We get free travel on the train to come out here... We have to get on the Train going to Tallulah Dickersby (or something) and we get off at Priscilla (or something).  Finnish is difucult.
 The main hall press centre is strewn with various day-glo beanbags and rocking chairs - FAB!

Right, Bulgaria calls...
Hei Hei


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