Let it swing!

So, last night we had the official opening party of Eurovision 2010 in Oslo's City Hall.  We had all put our glad rags on (I had me kilt on, just for a bit of extra swish!) and headed off down there to be met by huge numbers of papperazzi as we walked up the "pink" carpet!  Oooooh!

As we stood in the courtyard we sipped pink champagne and mingled with Euro celebs.  Then we were ushered into the great hall itself (where they do the annual Nobel Prizes, no less) and personnally welcomed at the door by our three ESC presenters for this year!  How fab!

Hass and Elaine were getting papped left right and centre...

There was a brilliant buffet, and copious amounts of pink champagne for delegates to tuck into.

Having had to fork out around £30 for each evening meal so far, you can imaging that we were more than delighted with a free nosh-up!

After the usual speeches we were treated to a performance by Norway's first ever Eurovision winners, Bobbysocks, who won back in 85.  I was in my element - as I just loved these girls!

For the rest of the evening it was just the usual parading around, bumping into Euro stars, telling you how much you love thier song, and having your picture taken with them... Such is the life of a Euro journalist!

Safura, the young lady from Azerbaijan, who'se probably gonna win (and send us all to the Baku beyond next year!!!).

Naimh from Ireland and our very own Josh.

 David from Danderhall and our very own Josh!

Oh My God!  It's Bobbysocks!!!! Woo Hoo!

Eva Rivas from Armenia.  All seven foot three of her!...

Per Sundness, presenter of the Norwegian Finals, and celebrity Norwegian Homosexual!

Johanna and Susan from the Finnish group (with the unpronouncable name!)

Hass (he's British, you know) and lovely Odd-Geir from Norway.  It's like the Three Degrees never went away...


  1. So that's what a sporran's for - it's a doggy bag for posh nosh! Sounds like you had a fab time and very different from the last time we were in Oslo Town Hall when we were the only visitors. And the kilt looks fab on you too.


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