From Russia With Love - Part 8

Saturday 16 May 2009

So the great day is at last here!

We're all looking forward to the final tonight, and keeping everything crossed for the UK and Jade.

Thursdays's semi went much as expected again, with the exception of Albania - which I was very pleased about, and Lithuania - which I cannot understand at all (horrible song, and first on tonight to boot!).  Really sad to see the Dutch boys go, but it was a bit OTT!

Yesterday 3 or us got a special behind the scenes tour, and got to see backstage, the artists dressing rooms, and then we got to walk through the green room where the artists will all sit tonight while waiting on the votes.  That was a lot of fun!

OK, so watching the run through yesterday I see five songs in the running; Norway (which my head says will still win), The UK (my heart wants us to win), Azerbaijan, Greece and Bosnia (Pics I took yesterday attached).

I see Iceland and France as the outsiders.

Righto, off to pack now, as we'll be partying after the show.

Enjoy tonight - wherever you may be - and may one of the best songs win!


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