Semi 1 predictions

OK folks, the time has come to make some predictions for Semi Final 1, which takes place this evening (8pm BBC3 - for those who want to join in with all the fun!).

We sat through last night's rehearsal and it was VERY obvious that Russia is going to walk this Semi.  I really can't see anything else coming close to the Grannies as they march into Saturday's final, so I'm predicting a big win for them this evening (although, we'll not know how they finished until after Saturday).

I think this is a MUCH weaker semi than the second, and there is a run of three terrible songs (Belgium, Finland and Israel) right in the middle which almost sent me to sleep last night.  Montenegro is beyond awful, and given that all of the other ex-Yugoslav countries will sing and vote in the second semi, I seriously think he will finish this evening with the dreaded "null points".

Romania and Moldova are certainties tonight... (any excuse for another Pasha photo on here!)

I think Iceland and Greece are also safe, as is Denmark.  Cyprus is still very very strong, and I think Ivi is going to do better than Eleftheria from Greece on the big night.

Rona from Albania was fabulous last night - real goose bump stuff, and her unconventional look adds to the charm of her huge vocal performance.  So, I see her securing her place on Saturday too.

I really can't see Jedward failing to make the final, although how well it'll do there is questionable.  Vocals were ropey to say the least last night, but the energetic routine around a huge garden fountain is fun.

So that leaves one place, and I swithered between Switzerland, which I really like now, and Austria, which I'm sort of quite liking in a bizarre horrible-rap kinda way!  I'm going with the Austrians because it's very visual and very catchy (even if the lyrics are FAR too naughty for Eurovision).

So to recap, in order of performance, I'm tipping the following ten countries to qualify from this evening's show:


Let's see how many I get way off the mark!  Enjoy the show wherever you're watching it!


  1. The Blue Nun is here, and loving your blog, just haven't had time to reply. Me and the other nun will be watching tonight. I will be visiting my local turf accountant and placing my bets on Russia, Netherlands and Sweden, although I don't actually like the Russian entry. I'm not fooled by it. They are clearly drugged and being held against their will. Where is the headdress by the way. And what's wrong with Israel. I gave them seven points.

  2. Ladbrokes - Sweden 7-4, Italy 7-1, Russia 8-1, Netherlands 34-1. William Hill offering much the same apart from the odds for Netherlands (they've called them Holland), which they are quoting 100-1. No point putting anything on Sweden then, so William Hill will be getting my £5 each way on Joanland

  3. Well it all looks totally mad so no change there from years gone by. Will Rona swallow that microphone? I'd say 5-1 she can. And no mention of the fabulous brass line in Moldova, just a focus on the eye candy. I think it's a closer call than you think.

  4. Dale says: Sounds like Austria is no longer the worst song in Eurovision history - I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see it qualified. Although these days I'm surprised to see the ones I like qualify. Enjoy the the show and keep us posted!


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