Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 3

God Moron (which is Swedish for Good Morning, and they're on later today, so I'm getting myself in the mood)
Well, another day at rehearsals and I feel like death warmed up.  Why did we have to stay out partying and drinking fabulous pear cider until 3.30am this morning?  We knew we had to be down at breakfast for 8.15am so we'd get in here on time... 
Last night we went to two parties.  The Macedonian was was in what could best be describes as a Scout Hut.  It was full of local Macedonian immigrants who had been invited two hours earlier and had finished all the sausage rolls and were onto the raffle by the time we arrived.  It really wasn'y very nice... far to much back combed mounds of bouffant hair on portly Blakan ladies.  And thier wine was obvously out of the 99p bin in Aldi...  Oh, and the singer didn't bother turning up either.
Macedonia - null points!
Bulgaria, on the other hand, was FAB!   Tons of lovely food and gorgeous red wine.  The two artists did a great set of very dancey music and at the end of their party the place reverted to become Euroclub, so we were bopping till all hours.
We've seen all the Semi Finalists twice each now, and I have to say that despite a very understated perfromance Serbia is looking very very strong.  And for a lday who wears sensible shoes she's great fun too!  Denmark is polished and fabulous and still my fave of the whole bunch.  Many people are tipping the Busted/McFly clones from Andorra to qualify and possibly even win.  I hate the song, but if you fancy a sneaky each way bet then you can still get them at 50/1.
Scooch perform later today. 
Heaven help us!
More on that later...
One last wee anecdote to tickle your fancies.   My friend Alan arrived yesterday, and after getting to the hotel he opened his suitcase.  His exact word were, "ooh, I don't remember packing that white crimplene two piece!".   Some woman had picked up his bag off the carousel at the airport and he'd got hers by mistake!  The swap back was made, but poor Alan was a bit worried about whether the lady had opened his case to find a full Dracula outfit, complete with fangs, to wear in honour of the Swiss Vampires song on Thursday's semi.  Oh, Switz is still fabb too, by the way!
Places to be, drag queens to meet!
Oooooooh!  By the way - The Scotsman on Friday - a "behind the scenes" special in the supplement written by moi!  Do have a read.


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