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She bought new underwear. They blue...

...and she wore 'em just the other dah-ee!

So Lena won it for Germany - and I don't think any of us saw it coming, despite the fact that she had been second favourite with the bookies since day one.

Have to say that I wasn't a big fan of her "mockney" accent when the song was first selected, but over the past two weeks I have been bopping away to it big style at all of the parties.

Being half German, I have LONG wanted to go to Germany for the contest, so once the voting was well under way last night (and all thoughts of Baku were happily cleared from my mind) I found myself being overwhelmed with joy that Germany was about to secure it's first win in 28 years.

They have come a long way since Nicole and A Little Peace back in 1982.

And wasn't it refreshing that a Big 4 country, with no real political or neighbourly voting allies, could storm to victory simply by sending a modern, catchy and worthy pop song?  There's a big lesson in there...

Finally, h…

It's Final Day!

Hoorah!  After seven hundred and sixty three days here in Oslo, the final of Eurovision 2010 is now only hours away.  So, who are the runners and riders to look out for tonight then?

There are around 7 songs in contention tonight, I think; Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Norway and Armenia.  I'd love to see Naimh up there for Ireland, but don't think she'll figure in the Top 5.

So, of these, I really don't want Israel to win.  Armenia is better than Azerbaijan in both song and performance, and I think they're both Top 5.  Denmark is the quintessential Swedish Euro schlager - and I'd love to see then win.  Singing last is a great position for them to be in.  Spain is just brilliantly performed and I'd love to see it win too.

So that leaves Norway and Belgium.  My heart says Norway all the way.  I've loved it since I first heard it back in January and I was in floods when he won the Norwegian Final.

My head says that it's going to be Belg…

A brief moment of mourning....

Yesterday we were in a period of mourning for the fact that, for the first time since 1976, my favourite Eurovision country, Sweden, will not feature in the final.

Poor Anna was seen fleeing the Telenor Arena in tears on Thursday night, and no wonder.  She gave a fabulous performance of her song, and we were all sitting there thinking that Belgium now had a strong fight on thier hand...

But it wasn't to be.  I did say back in March that they would struggle with that song - which really was an acquired taste, and had to be heard often to be appreciated.

Come back next year Sweden - and bring some schlager with you!!!

Semi 2 - The Prediction!

Well, let's see if I can get more than 7 out of 10 this time...  I actually think this is a harder one to call, as there are a load of good songs, and somone is bound to come a cropper tonight.  I just hope it's not Niamh or the Danes.

So, as I see it just now, these are the ten names I'm expecting to see drawn from the envelopes...


I desperately want to see Sieneke from the Netherlands qualify, as it's just the sort of frothy, camp fun I've always loved in Eurovision.  I'd be equally delighted with Michael from Switzerland, but I don't see it happening.

There appears to be real concern in the Irish camp that Niamnh may not make it, but I'm sure she's safe.  Similar concerns have been expressed about Denmark, and I'd be gutted if it went out!

Hoorah for Elisabeth og Hanne

Get yourselves down to HMV now - pronto!


Well, 7 out of 10 seems to be the average for most folk!  Poor Finland!  Also can't believe Slovakia failed.  Happy that my three faves all sailed through; Belarus, Iceland and Albania (and get me being on screen with my Belarussian flag!).

So, it looks like we may well be Belgum bound in 2011 after all.  There's huge specualtion here that Tom and his guitar won the semi, and is looking like a good bet for the final.  You can currently get him at 20/1 with a few bookies.

Semi 1 - The Prediction!

OK, here are the ten songs that I think, based on yesterday's full run though, will advance to the final tonight:

In order of peformance:


I hope to be proved wrong about Latvia and Russia, as I really dislike them.  I also cannot abide the Serbian song, but this seems to be a given.

Word around here is that the winner of Semi 1 will be Belgium.  I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that the shock winner of Semi 1 will be - FINLAND!!!  Remember we won't know the full order until after the final on Saturday.

Enjoy the show tonight.  The presenters are excellent, and so are the postcards.

Let it swing!

So, last night we had the official opening party of Eurovision 2010 in Oslo's City Hall.  We had all put our glad rags on (I had me kilt on, just for a bit of extra swish!) and headed off down there to be met by huge numbers of papperazzi as we walked up the "pink" carpet!  Oooooh!

As we stood in the courtyard we sipped pink champagne and mingled with Euro celebs.  Then we were ushered into the great hall itself (where they do the annual Nobel Prizes, no less) and personnally welcomed at the door by our three ESC presenters for this year!  How fab!

Hass and Elaine were getting papped left right and centre...

There was a brilliant buffet, and copious amounts of pink champagne for delegates to tuck into.

Having had to fork out around £30 for each evening meal so far, you can imaging that we were more than delighted with a free nosh-up!

After the usual speeches we were treated to a performance by Norway's first ever Eurovision winners, Bobbysocks, who won back in 85.  I w…

Party Party!

Goodness - a busy weekend for parties!  Friday night saw us strutting our stuff with the Russian boys. Interestingly, their Euro song is nothing like their other stuff which is all very uptempo and fun.  As you can see, we made the most of the free booze (no potato pancakes though!).

Caught up with the very fabulous Niamh Kavanagh from Ireland (who won it in 93, and is back for another crack at the Grand Prix).  What a nice lady she is!  I, for one, would be more than happy with a wee trip to Dublin next year (even if her song is a weaker version of the mega magnificent Norwegian entry from Dishy Didrik!).

Last night we were all invited to the grand Georgian party, which was held in Oslo's very swishy and stunning new opera house.
We had a red carpet welcome, and were ushered inside where there were copious amounts of Georgian red and white wine, and gorgeous dishes of hors d'oeuvres for us to fill our faces!

We were treated to some delightful Georgian folk dancing, which seemd …

A Belarussian engagement party!

Ooh!  We've all been to an engagement party for two of the Belarussian singers! (No, not the two boys - one of the boys and one of the girlies).  Look at the very classy invte we were all given in our pigeon holes in the press centre...

So, anyway, we all arrived at the appointed hour last night and were met by our very glam mistress of ceremonies (I use the term Mistress advisedly - you judge... not what I woyuld have worn myself, but then I don't have her obvious assets, so I suppose if you've got it, flaunt it!).

The members of the group were individually introduced, and each sang a wee song before getting together to give a rousing rendition of thier fab entry, Butterflies.

Then came the engagement...

So, it was the not gay one and the blonde Stepford wife who were apparently declaring their undying love, and he even got down on one knee, bless!
After the cheers and toasts we were treated to "Belarussian National Dish of Celebration" - Potato pancakes...yum!  T…

Look what they've done to my song, Ma!

OH! MY! GOD!  Have you seen this clip from sports kit makers PUMA?  It's a, erm, different take on this year's UK entry from Josh.

How hilarious!  And for those of you unfamiliar with the real thing...

Looking good for Niamh!

Ireland's former winner, Niamh Kavanagh, took to the stage of the Telenor Arena today and absolutely blew everybody away with a fabulous rehearsal of her song, "It's For You".

Although the song is very similar in style to Norway's entry from the delectable Didrik, this could easily romp home to give Ireland their 8th victory.

Bookies' odds are dropping as we speak, so get a wee each way on this now, while the odds are still worthwhile!

Check out the odds here:

Day 3 of rehearsals and I've just had an OMG moment!

Things have been going swimmingly on the first day of rehearsals for the second semi final.  We began with the completely mad boys from Lithuania - and as these were our colleague Elaine's favourites this year she presented them with pairs of "lucky Scottish pants" (she does that every year!).  They reciprocated by giving her some sparkly pants, which she took great delight in modelling.
Armenia was also very good, if a little "busy" on stage.  We then had wee Harel from Israel wailing his little heart out.  Pretty boy - dull song.
After lunch we had a fab performance from Denmark with lots of strutting, wind machines and fireworks.  Has to be said though, Mr N'Evergreen is a bit bizarre - I mean, WHAT are these glasses all about?

However, all of that paled into insignificance as I spotted somemone in the hall watching the Danish rehearsal.  OMG!  It was only Didrik from Norway.  Wasting no time, I grabbed my opportunity to get the photo I'd been waiting…

It's Didrik!!! Woo Hoo!

Last night there was a Eurovision concert in front of the City Hall.  We went along to enjoy the acts, and the biggest ovation of the evening came when this year's Norwegian entrant, Didrik Solli-Tangen, performed his song accompanied by last year's winner, Alexander Rybak.

This is still my fave song from this year, and I think it's Norway's to lose.

Only at Eurovision.... Belarus!

OK, I loved this even before I saw their live performance - but this is just MEGA!!!  The song title is "Butterflies" - who knew?

Only at Eurovision.... Malta!

And people ask me why I love this contest!   FAB!  (Pic from Eurovision Express)

Happy Syttende Mai!

It's Norway's National Day today - which means even more fab constumes than usual for us to admire and pass comment on!  Basically, everyone in Norway gets dolled up to the nines and then goes out and gets completely pissed for the day!  Apparently they save their Green Shield stamps for the whole year in order to afford the two crates of pear cider they each consume during the celebrations.

Last night was the opening of Euro Club (the offical nightclub for all the delegates!).  Lots of joyful folk there, enjoying the expensive booze (£6 a half pint - £7 a bottle of pear cider), and bopping away to the the fabby eurovision DJ, who was playing ESC hits past and present.  Then the live band came on...

"Hit Parade" - for such was thier name - lead us through a plethora of frankly atrocious cover versions.  However, the mood was lifted slightly when they were mobbed on satge by the party loving Moldovan atrists who grabbed the microphone and shouted the the assembled dele…

Hej Hej fran Oslo!

Good morning from the very pink and white press centre here in sunny Oslo! (I say sunny, but I'm lying - the heavens opened at around 7 this morning and it's been torrential ever since!).  It is warm though, so that's something.

Yesterday we popped out here to the Telenor Arena to pick up our accrediations and press bags (a very swishy little black man-bag decorated with pink bubbles - these folks know thier audience!).  The press facilities are amazing.  Swish white lounges with pink and black cushions and cerise flower arrangements - somone said it was like the set for a gay wedding!

As Robin didn't fly out until Saturday, and we came in on Friday night I was staying in the All Kinds of Everything website flat, as one of 11 flatmates over the course of the next 2 weeks!

As I was only there for the one night I had the honour of being the first flatmate to be "evicted" yesterday.

You can see the eviction in all it's glory here:

So, last night we went out f…

From Russia With Love - Part 8

Saturday 16 May 2009

So the great day is at last here!

We're all looking forward to the final tonight, and keeping everything crossed for the UK and Jade.

Thursdays's semi went much as expected again, with the exception of Albania - which I was very pleased about, and Lithuania - which I cannot understand at all (horrible song, and first on tonight to boot!).  Really sad to see the Dutch boys go, but it was a bit OTT!

Yesterday 3 or us got a special behind the scenes tour, and got to see backstage, the artists dressing rooms, and then we got to walk through the green room where the artists will all sit tonight while waiting on the votes.  That was a lot of fun!

OK, so watching the run through yesterday I see five songs in the running; Norway (which my head says will still win), The UK (my heart wants us to win), Azerbaijan, Greece and Bosnia (Pics I took yesterday attached).

I see Iceland and France as the outsiders.

Righto, off to pack now, as we'll be partying after …

From Russia With Love - Part 7

Thursday 14 May 2009


Well, yesterday we had our guided tour of the Kremlin which was fab.  It's really beautiful and green inside the walls, with lots of big ornate buildings (which you obviously can't go into - as that's their equivalent of Whitehall).  But we saw churches and bulidings where the Tzars lived and were married etc, and we were able to go inside those.  We saw the biggest bell in the world, which weighs 200 tonnes, and the biggest cannon.  We were sung to by 5 fab monks in one of the churches (no filming was allowed). 

Our guide was very informative and gave us lots of interesting facts - did you know, for example, that the "Red" in Red Aquare is nothing to do with Communism? The word Red actually means "beautiful".

So, after that we went to the first run though for Semi 2.  The camera work is still really bad (for example, you see Alaxanders dancers only twice during the whole performance).  The two prerenters are stil…