Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 6

Well!   What fun...
We arrived at the YLE (pronounced "Ooooooooh-leh") studios at 8am sharp and were met by the two male hosts of their breakfast show, Heikki and Tommi.  They had a quick chat with us about what they wanted to cover in the interview and then invited us to sit in thier hospitality area and enjoy some coffee and, would you believe, Jaffa Cakes!!!
At around 8.30 they went live to London for some tirvial news item about some bloke giving up his job or something... then we were whisked next door to the fan centre, which has been set up to cater for the huge number of fans who travel to follow the contest each year.  They decided it would be best to interview us there.
Prior to chatting with Robin and I, Heikki had a good old blether with one of the organisers of the Fan Centre.  We couldn't make out what she was saying, as it was all in Finnish, but we did work out that the rather hysterical Finnish term for followers of the Contest is "Eurovision Fanniis"...
...and right at that point Heikki handed over to Tommi to speak to the two Eurovision Fanniis in the centre.
That would be us. 
We got all the usual questions; why have you been coming to the Contest for 18 years? (because it's a big old fun-fest, and the music is fabulous), did you expect Lordi to win? (yes, and we won big money on them too), how has the organisation been here in Helsinki? (nothing short of fantastic), what do you think of our Finnish entry this year? (she's got big hair), and who is going to win? (Verka Serduchka from the Ukraine, of course!).
And with that they were done with the two Fanniis...
The girl who ran the fan centre was so excitied when I mentioned that I was mentioned in the Foreword of the official Eurovision history book (written by my mate John), that she asked me to sign her copy!  I wrote "Kiitos Suomi"  (Thank you Finland) and singed my name with a big kiss.  I was going to put in brackets "Eurovision Fannii" after it, but thought best not to...
Later in the morning we were wandering through the European Market in the town centre and stopped at the Ukranian stall to have to look at their wears.  Imagine our surprise when the lady tapped me on the hand and said "I have saw you on TV this morning.  You are saying that Ukraine win contest.  I have gift for you from Ukraine", and presented me with a huge calendar with stunning views of their beautiful country... Chernobyl, that sort of thing...
So not only are we now a couple of Fanniis, but we're loved by all Ukraine! (Get money on it.  It's just moved up to bookies favourite!)


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