A Belarussian engagement party!

Ooh!  We've all been to an engagement party for two of the Belarussian singers! (No, not the two boys - one of the boys and one of the girlies).  Look at the very classy invte we were all given in our pigeon holes in the press centre...

So, anyway, we all arrived at the appointed hour last night and were met by our very glam mistress of ceremonies (I use the term Mistress advisedly - you judge... not what I woyuld have worn myself, but then I don't have her obvious assets, so I suppose if you've got it, flaunt it!).

The members of the group were individually introduced, and each sang a wee song before getting together to give a rousing rendition of thier fab entry, Butterflies.

Then came the engagement...

So, it was the not gay one and the blonde Stepford wife who were apparently declaring their undying love, and he even got down on one knee, bless!
After the cheers and toasts we were treated to "Belarussian National Dish of Celebration" - Potato pancakes...yum!  These guys know how to party!

Time for a quick snap of the ensemble with lovely Marcin from Poland and that was us... 

What a joyful evening!


  1. Blatant electioneering. They'll be kissing babies and claiming expenses next - how many hundred Euros for those tattie scones?


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