Well, 7 out of 10 seems to be the average for most folk!  Poor Finland!  Also can't believe Slovakia failed.  Happy that my three faves all sailed through; Belarus, Iceland and Albania (and get me being on screen with my Belarussian flag!).

So, it looks like we may well be Belgum bound in 2011 after all.  There's huge specualtion here that Tom and his guitar won the semi, and is looking like a good bet for the final.  You can currently get him at 20/1 with a few bookies.


  1. Hello David!

    Yes, I saw you "bigging-up" your role as flag-waver last night! Lol!

    Boy with fiddle - Boy with guitar. Is a pattern emerging I wonder?

  2. Seen by millions misrepresenting Belorussia. I wonder what they'd think if they knew?
    Very good show from Norway last night. Josh has the makings of a TV presenter - very natural. How will he do as a singer? Niamh was funny when interviewed on the Beeb saying she won 700 years ago! And we could hear the boos for one country going through. Harsh, but deserved!


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