It's Final Day!

Hoorah!  After seven hundred and sixty three days here in Oslo, the final of Eurovision 2010 is now only hours away.  So, who are the runners and riders to look out for tonight then?

There are around 7 songs in contention tonight, I think; Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Norway and Armenia.  I'd love to see Naimh up there for Ireland, but don't think she'll figure in the Top 5.

So, of these, I really don't want Israel to win.  Armenia is better than Azerbaijan in both song and performance, and I think they're both Top 5.  Denmark is the quintessential Swedish Euro schlager - and I'd love to see then win.  Singing last is a great position for them to be in.  Spain is just brilliantly performed and I'd love to see it win too.

So that leaves Norway and Belgium.  My heart says Norway all the way.  I've loved it since I first heard it back in January and I was in floods when he won the Norwegian Final.

My head says that it's going to be Belgium's contest, though.  The momentum has been building like a steam train behind Tom and his guitar since Tuesday's Semi.

...and anyway, I've never been to Belgium!


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