Hyvää päivää from Helsinki! - Part 7

Do you know what?
After all these years it has finally sunk in that everyone else is right, and I was wrong.
The Eurovision Song Contest IS all about political voting, and voting for your neighbours.  And it stinks.  Last night's disgraceful result in the Semi final proved that.  Not ONE song from Western Europe made it through the qualifier.  Of the 24 songs in the final tomorrow night, 8 hail from the West of the Continent, and 5 of them were already guaranteed a place given thier status as one of the "Big 4" (who pay for the majority of the show), or in Finland's case, as hosts.
We have heard that Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands have all but decided not to return.  They see no point.
I feel the same way.
I just want tomorrow night to be over and done with...
Sorry that my final email of the ESC week is so downbeat, but that's how I feel.  For what it's worth, I still think Ukriaine will win. 

Sadly though, I couldn't give a toss.


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