Oh What A Night!

Friday 23 May 2008

FAAAAAB!   All my faves went through to the final!

Sweden and Ukraine were always very likely, but for Iceland and Latvia to get there too, along with the mega-fab diva from Portugal, I was completely hoarse from screaming and shouting by the end of last night!

There were big celebrations with the whole of the Swedish delegation when we got back to the hotel, and we congratulated Charlotte on getting to the final.  Very spookily she drew to sing in position 15, which is where she sang in 99 when she won the Contest (she also sang from first position on both Melodifestivals too - what an omen!).

I think the most emotional reaction last night was from the Portuguese.  After 5 years of Semi final failures they finally made the final, and there is a distinct possibility that they could take the whole thing!  Certainly everyone I spoke with last night was predicting a win for the country who has been in longest without ever even coming Top 5 (they first participated in 1964).

I put money on Portugal (each way) yesterday morning at 100/1.  After the show her odds had been slashed to 28/1, and I would venture a guess that they'll drop even further during th next 36 hours.

So, what will happen tomorrow night during the grand final?  I still think it's going to be a win for Ukraine, but can see Sweden, Portugal and Bosnia Herzegovina all up there too (and nothing would make me more pleased than for Charlotte to become the first woman to win the Contest twice!).

If there is any justice in this world Mr Dima Bilan (or rather Diva Banal) will return to Russia with egg on his face.  I can not think of a result that would be more unpopular with the thousands of fans and media over there.  The man is arrogant beyone belief, and his (allegedly) drug-induced behaviour is vile.  In all honesty, though, he's going to be Top 5...

Don't be surprised to see the host nation, Serbia, score very very well too.  I think Bosnia will take many of her high Balkan votes though.

And anyway, much as I'm sure we all love glamorous and sparkly Belgrade (...ahem!), I think if I never see it again I'll cope...

Some hilarious photos attached.  Love the one of Elaine, the Dunfermline pirate!  I kept having Swedish people coming up and chatting to me in Swedish.  I simply replied "Yette Bra Faktiskt" (Swedish for "Very Good Actually!").

Oh well, roll on tomorrow night.  We're off for a trawl around the old town now, and then about 16 of us are meeting for a birthday meal for Hass before going to the evening dress rehearsal.   Tomorrow will be a chill out day before the big night.

Can't wait!!!!

Oh My God - funny story from last night's winners press conference, as each singer drew their starting number from a top hat they were asked to close thier eyes.  Diana from Georgia piped up, "I don't need to close my eyes, I'm blind!"... oops!


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