Day 3 of rehearsals and I've just had an OMG moment!

Things have been going swimmingly on the first day of rehearsals for the second semi final.  We began with the completely mad boys from Lithuania - and as these were our colleague Elaine's favourites this year she presented them with pairs of "lucky Scottish pants" (she does that every year!).  They reciprocated by giving her some sparkly pants, which she took great delight in modelling.
Armenia was also very good, if a little "busy" on stage.  We then had wee Harel from Israel wailing his little heart out.  Pretty boy - dull song.
After lunch we had a fab performance from Denmark with lots of strutting, wind machines and fireworks.  Has to be said though, Mr N'Evergreen is a bit bizarre - I mean, WHAT are these glasses all about?

However, all of that paled into insignificance as I spotted somemone in the hall watching the Danish rehearsal.  OMG!  It was only Didrik from Norway.  Wasting no time, I grabbed my opportunity to get the photo I'd been waiting to have taken since the beginning of February...  How fab is this?
And in other news... Azerbaijan was actually very, VERY good this afternoon!  Does this mean we're going to Baku next year after all?  Ooh er!


  1. Looks like Elaine's has got something special to bring home with her this year. Will they go on the wall or on ebay? And David, when I said I'd like something nice from Norway, that's not what I was thinking.


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