Because I'm Worth It!

Friday 16 May 2008

6 days in and we're still keeping up with the pace.

Last night we had our first proper parties and - hooray - first free bars!   Now when I say free bars, I'm not talking about the stingy Russian party, where we were allowed ONE free drink each.  No, surprisingly it was our fabuous neighbours from Macedonia who delivered the goods.  The beer and wine was flowing and your intrepid reporter managed to find himself on the wrong side of tipsy very quickly indeed!

Rehearsals are going well.  We've now seen all 38 of the semi finalists perform, and Ukraine is still sticking out a mile as the obvious winner to virtually everyone we speak to.  Mr gorgeous dark haired Man Meadow is one of Ani's backing dancers who all come out of the closet half way through the performance (like we didn't already know!...)  One of the other little blonde ones we being VERY obvious in the hotel bar with Filip Kirkorov the other night.  Dirty Bitch!

Russia's Dima Bilan, I will concede, was fantastic at his party last night. He sang a set of about 5 or 6 songs and they were all great.  Must get his most recent album.  His two lady backing singers also did some solo opera stuff.  The big fat one (who seemed to be dressed as a baked potato) did Carmen - how fab!

We all love Dustin The Turkey from Ireland now, by the way!  His press conferences have been the best ones I've ever attended in 19 years of coming to these things.  Now, as you know, Dustin is a farting, burping glove puppet.  One journalist stood up the other day and when he was passed the mic said "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm talking to a dummy".  Dustin's lightning fast reply was, "Neither can I!"   The Turkey then went on to talk about our very own Andy Abraham, "The man used to collect rubbish for a living, now he sings it!".  We've meet the man behind the puppet, and he's completley the opposite of his alter ego.  A very quiet, shy and polite guy.  He's also surprisingly tall for someone who spends half his life hidden inside a shopping trolley.

Now, I want to share some pictures from our recent shopping expedition to a local supermarket.  We had heard about some products, and wanted to get pictures of said articles...

So, you'll find Robin with a couple of Slags (it's Angel Delight) and a can of Str8 deodorant, whilst I'm modelling some tasty biscuits pronounced "no blit ze" - unforunately its written as "Nob Lice" - charming!  And finally, there's me with some Fani Shampoo - Because I'm worth it!


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