From Russia With Love - Part 4

Sunday 10 May 2009


Just  quick note, as we're just about to head off out to the grand opening party, which takes place at Euroclub tonight.

But I wanted to share the big news from the past couple of days...

Yesterday we were sitting in the Hungarian press conference when there was a slight commotion at the door to the conference room annd we suddenly saw about 20 guys in suits walk in - followed by Vladimir Putin!!!!


Probably the singular most amazing moment for me in 20 years of coming to this thing.  He asked the assembled journalists if they were enjoying the facilities and having a good time in Moscow - 100 voices shouted "yes!" in unison.  Well, no-one was going to say "no", were they?

So, as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day - we were out at the Greek/Cypriot party last night and all of a sudden there was a flurry of journalists and photographers flocking around someone - I couldn't see who it was at first - but then I saw her.  Only my all-time-favourite Eurovision artist ever in the history of the world (and indeed universe!) - CAROLA!!!!

OH. MY. GOD! (Part II)

She's here for tonight's opening party which will feature a concert from many Euro stars from the past - including....

OH. MY. GOD (Part III)

Only my all-time-fave Eurovision group ever in the history of everything - DSCHINGHIS KHAN!!!!

Seriously, I may faint with the excitement of it all....

Anyway - I'll sign off before I pop with excitement, but here are a few more fun pics for you all to have a giggle at. (Including me with this year's ConSong winner - 6 months before she even wins it!!!)

Time for a quick chorus of Dschinghis Khan's classic...

"Moscow, Moscow, drinking vodka all night long, makes you happy, makes you strong, oh ho ho ho ho - hey!"



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