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Chicken Kiev - Part 5

20 May 2005

What in the hell was going on there then?  No Iceland
and Netherlands through to the final, yet that heap of
unadulterated crap from Macedonia gets in...

And as for Moldova!!!!  Bloody Hell!  Well, I did
warn you that they'd get through, but heaven help us
if that rubbish goes on to sweep the boards on
Saturday.  I really seem to be one of the very few
people here who fails to "get" it.  The place was just
going bananas last night while they were on - and I
had them 39th of 39 with only 1 out of 10!

Could someone (anyone) tell my why this is good?...

Five of my ten predictions went through; Hungary,
Croatia, Norway, Romania and Switzerland.  I'm pleased
about Israel and Denmark getting places in the final
as I think both performances were excellent and
deserved it. Latvia was a poor choice, and as for
Bloody Macedonia (and they were horribly cocky about
it in the press conference afterwards).

We have no info yet on the placings from 11 to …

Chicken Kiev - Part 4

18 May 2005

Well, last night's party hosted by the UK, French and
Spanish delegations was fab!  Over 20 of this year's
artists perfomed their songs "unplugged" and we had a
jolly old time dancing along and joining in with them.

I was interviewed on Lithuanian TV at one point.  This
girl with her camera crew came and escorted me to a
room with a big red leather bed to do the piece!... Oh
My!  I wondered what sort of "interview" I was doing.
Anyway, we had a great laugh talking about the
contest, the fact that this is my 16th consecutive
time here and my thoughts on the songs.  She asked
what I thought of their song by Laura & The Lovers - I
was honest and said I really liked it but doubted it
would qualify.  Then I mentioned how fab thier press
bag was this year, with the CD, a t shirt, hat, flags,
badges, lighter, and most importantly special "Lovers"

The party went on in the club until the wee small
hours, and they o…

Chicken Kiev - Part 3

17 May 2005

Well, after the excesses of Sunday night's Belarussian
Party (and please remember we're all off to Minsk next
year, If Miss Anjelika's PR machine have anything to
do with it!) I spent much of Monday in a state of part
coma/part recovery.

I shall never drink again...

Javine's been on stage twice now shaking her "thang".
Nobody took much notice as we were all far to excited
about the imminent arrival of this year's REAL Diva,
Chiara from Malta.  Eat your heart out Miss Belarus!

Malta is starting to edge ahead of the field for me
now as the winner!  I've yet to see my faves though,
the Abba Girl Clones from Bosnia!  They're coming on
stage for their second rehearsal in an hour or two and
I'll be there at the front bopping about like a thing
posessed.  It's the kitchest song in the contest this
year - and I LOVE it!

Last night we were all whisked off by bus to one of
the State Palaces for a official Opening ceremony …

Chicken Kiev - Part 2

15 May 2005

Sunday lunch time and not a piece of beef in sight!

Well the past few days have gone very well and Kyiv is
still as wonderful as first impressions suggested.
Not that we've seen a huge amount of the city, as the
days are spent flitting between the hall watching
rehearsals, then to press conferences and then on to
the press centre to pick up press packs and all the
freebie CDs!

The official opening of Euroclub (nightclub for all
the delegates) took place the other night. Open air
affair in the central courtyard of a three story bar
and club complex which has been taken over exclusively
for our use. We were met at the entrance by girls in
full Ukranian costumes who linked arms with us and
took us down to the bars and made us down two big
shots of vodka before going off to greet other guests.
Free bar all evening - and a huge firewords display,
while one of Europe's top Club DJs played a set on the
huge stage!

Robin and I staggered back to the hotel so…

Chicken Kiev - Part 1

12 May 2005

Dobro Dan from Kyiv!
OK - So I shall begin with an apology to our Ukrainian hosts...  I was DREADING coming to Kyiv and, having been here for only one day I can happily report that this city is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
We were met off our plane yesterday by Offical Representatives of Ukranian TV (mostly young students who speak perfect english).  We were then rushed through customs and taken to our delegate coaches which then rushed us (at 30 miles per hour!) into the city.  Unfortunatley, ours broke down half way...  So Robin, myself and the whole of the Dutch delegation were sat on the motorway for an hour while they sent us a replacement.  Never mind - the Dutch were good company!
Our Hotel (yes, we weren't turfed out to a tent!) is super.  Very glam (natch!) and right next door to the venue of the Contest.  And they have proper toilet roll!!!  Hoorah!
8 of us walked through the city centre last night past Independence Square where the Revolution took place in december.  Stu…

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