Breakfast at Charlotte's

Tuesday 13 May 2008


There we were sitting at breakfast this morning, and who sits down right beside me at the next table?  Only The Goddess of Eurovision that is Charlotte Perelli from Sweden!!!  In a red leather bustier too, if you please... do these Euro stars have no shame?  I'm sure I dribbled my cornflakes all down my front!

Anyway, no sooner had she poured herself a coffee (no toast - she presumeably didn't want crumbs down the bustier - not a good look on stage) but who sits down on the table opposite me, but Mr Dark Haired Man Meadow (he's here to back the "trying to look butch but not really suceeding" Ruslan from Belarus).

By now my honey had dribbled right off my crumpet...

THEN.... in walks the biggest diva himself, Filip Kirkorov (writer of the fantabulosa Ukranian song, Shady Lady), followed by his protogee, the glam-tastic Ms Ani Lorak.

I was in Schlager heaven, and I hadn't even had a sip of my Cranberry juice (sans Vodka) yet!

What fun!  Eurostars for breakfast...

The Euroclub so far has been a bit of a disaster.  Picture a space the size of around 3 football pitches, in full 70's orange and green hideous decor, with around 100 odd (and yes I DO mean odd) Eurofans bopping along to Ding-A-Dong.   It's just too big. No atmosphere.  More importantly, no free booze - yet.  The parties start in earnest on Thursday we think, so expect the sore heads to begin shortly thereafter.

Oh, about 10 minutes ago Robin and I passed the Lithuanian guy in the press centre.  Now we both hate his song with a passion (the Contest motto for this year is "Confluence of Sound" - we've decided his song is "Effluence of Sound"), but anyway, the Lithuanian CD is like hen's teeth to get hold of, so I walked up to the bloke, asked to have a picture with him, then spent 2 minutes telling him how fantastic his voice is, and how his song REALLY stands out....  He was only too happy to give Robin and I a CD each!

Now, a few folk have been asking who is standing out in rehearsals, and I have to say, so far it's Ukraine all the way.  Fabulous!  Place money on this song NOW!!!

From semi 1, Norway and Romania gave the two best performances, whilst in the first half of Semi 2, which has been on today, Iceland and Sweden were both brilliant.  Seriously expect Iceland to finally qualify this year.

Paul - Slovenia is back to the original arrangement (phew!).

General concensus on Mr Dima Bilan of Russia was "oh, my god, what a mess!"  The vocals were all over the place and the skater looks as though he is "skating" on an ice rink the size of a piece of toast - which neatly brings me back to where I came in...

Ta-ra for now.


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