Thoughts on today's second run throughs

This morning began with the grannies - and for those who may have been suffering from a massive hangover due to excessive cha cha the night before then this was a complete tonic!  I can't really see this finishing outside the Top 5 now.  It's such a cutesy little performance.

Hungary was superb on stage and the 80's electro vibe really worked for them.  And the lead singer is hot!

Austria were good, but it's a bit in your face and overt!  Despite this I think they'll get through to the final, were we can all Woki our Popos!

Moldova - FAB-U-LOUS!!!  OK, so I'm completely besotted with sexy little Pasha, but the performance is great fun, and should see them easily securing a place in the final.

Jedward, or to give then their correct title from Düsseldorf, Die Jedward, were great fun on stage, but the vocals were decidedly ropey today (had they been at the cha cha?).   Their press conference was fab, though, with them in outrageous outfits which seemed to feature bubble-gum machines stuck on the front.

Serbia has just come off stage and, as we would expect, Zjelko was perfect.  This is a sure-fire qualifier from semi 2, and potentially Top 5 in the final.  You can get it for around 14/1 at the moment, so a sneaky wee each-way may be in order.

Just Macedonia to sit through now before my beloved Indiana Joan takes the stage for her second run through.  Kaliopi is performing well and is winning many fans with her friendly approach to rehearsals and parties, but I can't really see this one getting through.  

More from me later...


  1. I said douze points to Moldova but nobody listened to me!


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