Great rehearsals today!

The first half of the second semi final is sounding strong!  There were some terrific performances today.  Of course, my fave, Joan was best (natch!), but Malta was sounding and looking very strong, as were Litesound from Belarus.

Gaitana from Ukraine was also fab, but her performance is a little "busy".  It looked like Diana Ross being backed by some giant jelly babies and a flashmob...  Pics to follow, including some of her at the press conference, where she appeared with big red roses in her hair!!! FAB!


  1. So she will be wearing the feather bonnet? I expect to see you in yours too!

  2. Oh Yes! The headers is deffo happening (on both counts!)

  3. Why on earth has Joan ditched the girlie backing dancers banging drums from the National Songfestival performance?? The blokes are boring!


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