Well!  What a STUNNING performance from Sweden this morning.  It's never been my favourite entry this year, but it has remained the bookies fave since the book opened and the odds get lower every day.  It's really not hard to see why!

How fab is this picture of Loreen from

Our have bonkers Georgian, Anri, has just finished his OTT, flamboyant rehearsal.  Again, I still think this is going to qualify.

Turkey was very good on stage, and let's face it, they MUST qualify to prevent the hideous monstrosity from our host country winning!

We're getting ready for the lovely Roman Lob from Germany, who has swapped with Englebert, to start the Big 6 rehearsals.  

We then have France, Italy, Azerjibon, Spain and then the Yoooonited Kingdom!  Not sure if we'll see Enge tonight, as we need to go back and get ourselves ready for the Opening Party, which starts around 8.


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