A short message from the EBU...

Before I set off later today on my long journey to Baku in Azerbaijan I wanted to share this short message from the EBU - the organisers of Eurovision.   This is FAAAAAAB!!!!

Of course this is a sketch from Sweden's very own Sarah Dawn Finer - Comedy Goddess!!!  It was shown in the middle of this year's Melodifestivalen (Sweden's Eurovision selection show) and had us in tears of laughter.  Love this to bits....


  1. Hurrah!!!! The Eurovisionary is back, Back! BACK!!! Looking forward to you telling it like it is - we'll be relying on you for all the schlager gossip! And say hello to Lynda!

  2. Have you packed your headdress?

  3. Back, back, backoo! And doesn't Joan's "biggest" fan look smaller than last year? You go you calorie counter!


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