The Opening Party!

Well!  That was an interesting Opening Party!  Not quite the glitz n glam that we were expecting, and very little in the way of food, but it was fun none the less.  We had fun chatting to many of the stars.  Highlights included meeting Hot Ott from Estonia...

and our fave Jelly Baby Queen, Gaitana, from Ukraine...

The Georgians remembered us from the Cha Cha party the other night, and the Head of Press came over and asked me if I wanted some more!!!  Oh Dear, a reputation!

I resisted, but Elaine and I did grab Uncle Anri (the bonkers Jocker!) for a quick snap...

On the subject of Ms Dove, we had another classic quote as she was having her picture taken with her Belarussian fancy man.

Giacomo: Elaine, come in closer I want to see your... I want to see your...
Elaine: Breasts?
Giacomo: No.  Your dress.

Ha ha ha ha ha!


  1. Goodness you get some boyz in your pics. Tell Tooji to "get yer teeth oot!" but unless you're Joan you shouldn't wear feathers this year. And who is the racously happy guy above him? Looks like he was enjoying himself! As for Elaine, she's not going to be recognised at the next party, is she?


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