More thoughts...

Mrs Macedonia is lovely!!!  Huge emotions poured out of every orifice when she did her press conference.  A real Sweetie!  Not sure she'll go through though...

Joan was just fab (natch!) and her new dress is gorgeous!  It looks so much better than what she wore in the Dutch final.  PLEEEEEEASE let this qualify!!!

Malta looked slick and polished, and I see them qualifying for a change.  Good for Kurt!

Belarus were also very good again, and I love the dancer feel of this one since it was remixed, but I'm not sure they'll make the final cut.

Portugal were also excellent, and again I love it, but think it's gonna fall at the last hurdle and miss out on a place in Saturday night's show.  Here she is getting her "do" done!

Ukraine and Bulgaria have yet to sing, but we're running late and I'm knackered, so I may head home for an early night...  It's the Swiss/San Marinese party tonight, but I just can't...(the Cha Cha effects are still there!)


  1. Cheese fondu is not a good idea to follow on from ChaCha-quilla. You get an early night instead!

  2. Not sure on the blue crimplene dress though, Joanie. It's very 1974 but that's not the right time for you to be 5 is it?


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