Five tips for the top's finally the big day, and the tension is mounting here in lovely, gorgeous Baku Beyond!

What song will emerge victorious tonight? (or in the case of us here on the other side of the world - tomorrow morning!).

I have five "tips for the top" for you.  These are based on my opinion, reaction during rehearsals here in the hall, and comments from other fans and journalists who are also in Baku.

Let's begin with the big bookies' favourite, Sweden.

The song, the singer and the whole "new age" artsy performance are all fab - but Loreen choked on a bit of her snow during her performance last night, so goodness knows what might happen tonight!  I'd love this to win, but something tells me she'll just miss out...

Russia is the other big fave with the bookies, and with many folk here in Baku.

There is no denying that the simple, catchy tune, coupled with the loveable ladies (and especially the wee one), is going to score HUGE with the tele voters, but I think the juries may mark it down, so I'm not sure that it can win.  Again, if they do win, I'll be pleased (although I'd rather NOT have another Eastern ESC next year, if we can possibly avoid it.)

Italy is the big fave amongst the fans here, and many want to see Nina take the title back to her home country.  Turin is already being touted as a possible host city for next May if she does win.  Great performance, and a fantastic singer. (not sure about the blue rinse though!)  This would be a worthy winner.

Then we have Cyprus, which just blew me away the first time I saw it performed on the big stage. Greece is usually guaranteed a Top 10 (if not even Top 5) place each year now, and I think this year that place has been usurped by Ivi and her Aegean Lovelies.

And finally, the song that, more than any other left in the competition now, I desperately want to win...


Pastora's performances of "Quedate Conmigo" have been reducing many to tears in the venue (and not in a bad way, either!).  I haven't seen a Eurovision entry come up in performance so much since Katrina in 1997, and then again Sertab in 2003, and we all know what happened to both of those!!!

Whether or not the voting public and juries will agree remains to be seen - but for me there is only one possible winner this evening.

I was absolutely gutted when Joan failed to qualify on Thursday, but having now seen the performance, and how incredibly nervous she was, I understand why she didn't make it.  I don't think nerves are going to figure in Seniora Soler's performance tonight.

Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Moldova should also score well enough to go Top 10, and I suspect our hosts will also do rather well with their dirge of an effort.

Fingers crossed that lovely Tooji from Norway also does well.  He's such a sweetie (and the song is fab).

Don't expect to see The Hump set the scoreboard alight this evening.  Apparently he wasn't good in last night's Jury Final (the one the juries vote on), so I've a feeling we might be looking at a placing somewhere around 17th.  Hope I'm wrong though.

Jedward should do well, but I'm not sure it's a Top 10 this year for them.

Right - off for some rest before heading off to the Crystal Hall for one last time...

PLEASE can something good win this year?!!!!

Enjoy - wherever you're watching!


  1. i just have a feeling the voting is going to be all over the shop and something else is gonna do it. There is too much over analysis going on everywhere and i have seen the UK jury rehearsal and its not bad at all, a couple of dodgy notes but overall very pleased.

  2. Well, the bad news is that my MacSpaNet no longer exists:-( The fantastic news is that MacSpa does exist:-) Over the moon that 2 songs that will make the list of my absolute all time favourite ESC songs are in the 'grande finale' and that one of them has an excellent chance of winning. Have a eurotastic fabuloso time David and indeed may a 'decent' song win. xxx

  3. Enjoy the Final David - will be watching it here till 10pm - burt then have to go out - but i'll watch the scoring tomorrow! - will be looking for you! x


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