Thoughts on the second set of rehearsals... (and Rona!)

OK, so today we began the second run through of each of the songs in the first semi final.  I'll post my thoughts on each of them (well, as far as about Finland, then we need to leave to go back and get ready for what is always one of the best parties of the Euro fortnight - the Georgian ChaCha Party!!!).

Montenegro - Grows more bizarre by the day.  He's now in a glitzy jackets and tow of his backing singers wrap a third on in a big banner and cart him off behind the huge donkey which is also on stage...  Not a hope in hell of getting to the final!

Iceland - OK, I finally get this, and today it was superb!  Spot on with the vocals, and looking great!!!  Surely a place in the final?

Greece - Fantastic performance - looking and sounding like all the other Greek entries of the past 10 years, but that's fine!

Latvia - I really love the song, but this looked a bit bland and lacklustre compared to many other things.

Albania - One wee singer all alone on that huge stage, but her voice is tremendous.  Caught up with her after her press conference and she squealed with delight when she saw Ben's Mini Pop Icon of her!

More after lunch...


  1. So you squealed and she pointed at your t-shirt?


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