Semi 1 - Great result!!!

It wasn't just Jedward who were ecstatic with last night's Semi 1 results!  9 of the 10 I predicted got through, and the one I got wrong was Austria, with the fabulous Hungarian song going through instead (and that was one of my faves anyway).

Apparently Romania had huge problems hearing their track in their in-ear monitors, so they were relieved to get through.  They drew to sing in 14th position.

We got some interesting insider info via some delegations at the after party (which finished at 6am this morning!!!).  Apparently the Icelandic 12 didn't go to Denmark as expected, but to Cyprus!  Fab performance from Ivi, and I see this going Top 5 on Saturday.

We also heard that the Cypriot 12 did not go to Cypriot singer Eleftheria, who is singing for Greece, but to Albania, and the amazing Rona, who delivered a fantastic performance which had the audience on it's feet.

But it was Gorgeous Pasha from Moldova who had the best luck of the night when he drew to sing 26th, and last, in Saturday night's show!

Congrats to all 10 worthy qualifiers.  Let's just hope tomorrow night's semi brings an equally pleasing result...

Off into the hall now to watch the first run through, so predictions will follow later. 


  1. Following Rona's astonishing (we were, literally, astonished) performance, hairdressers in the UK have been inundated with requests for "the hessian bun"

    1. Ha Ha Ha - I'm loving the concept of the Hessian Bun! I shall be expecting no less when we next see you two!

  2. Congrats on predicting 10/11 songs! Will you sport a hessian bun on Sat, under a feather headdress, natch!

  3. I won't believe non exchanging of 12's between Iceland and Denmark and Greece and Cyprus until I see it with my own two eyes.

  4. We heard that Iceland voted for San Marino!!! There were riots in the streets of Reykavik when Valentina didn't get through!

  5. good work, nice photo and great article.

    keep it up dude


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