Jelly Baby Queen of Baku!

Here's the fabulous Gaitana and her jelly babies...

One of the friendliest, most charming and genuine people here.  She spent hours last night after her press conference posing for photos with the young kids who volunteer here, and she laughed and smiled through the whole thing.  A true ambassador for Ukraine!

Gaitana explained that her mother is Ukrainian and her father originally came from the Congo. Apparently, just after she was selected one of the Ukraine's prominent politicians said that it was "an abomination not to have someone of full national extraction representing Ukraine"! What a complete bastard!  If any of our politicians in the UK had come out with such racist crap then they would be booted out swiftly.  Apparently Giatana was reduced to tears after hearing that - how awful!  However, she was certainly shown LOADS of love from the assembled press and volunteers last night.

We officially LOVE Gaitana!


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