Second rehearsals - more thoughts

OK, so Romania rehearsed after lunch and this is sounding so slick and professional!  I think my £10 at 66/1 was a good investment!  This is head and shoulders above everything else so far today.

Switzerland - the brothers put in a confident performance, and I could see this one just sneaking into the final.

Belgium - Oh dear!  Dull!

Finland - Oh dear!  Even more dull than Belgium (and that's saying something!).  Nice frock and black flowy thing.

Israel - Bonkers! (and not in a Mr Georgia good way either!).  Can't see it qualifying to be honest.

The rest will have to wait... we're off to the aforementioned Mr Bonkers Georgia and his Cha Cha Party!!! Expect sunglasses and paracetamol tomorrow!


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