In The Club

So Euroclub opened last night.  A vast, cavernous nightclub, fabulously kitted out to serve all of the delegates, press, fans and other hangers-on for their nocturnal activities over the next two weeks.

Despite there not being too many folk there last night the UK press contingent was out in force, and made sure that the dance floor was active throughout the whole evening.  Fab DJ Ohrmeister (Konstantin) from Germany was on the decks, and took our requests all evening - so imagine my complete delight when "Bem Bom" was played 5 minutes after we walked in!

Look at this old queen!...

We enjoyed Sanna Neilsen, Kati Wolf, Sean Banan, Mekado, Indiana Joan and a plethora of other Euro faves until nearly 3am.  The beer isn't free (yet) but we're working on that...

We were joined on the dance floor by around 20 of the young Azeri volunteers who work at the contest, and they were having a whale of a time despite obviously not having a clue what they were dancing too.  The place went wild when Safura, the Azeri entrant from two years ago, joined the volunteers on the dancefloor for a bit of a boogie, and then mimed her way through the full routine of her own song when it was played.  Not heard that one for nearly two years, and it sounded so much better here!

A great opening night, and a fab venue.  Well done Azerbaijan - finally something is working as it should!


  1. That's a dreadful picture of some old queen. The blouse loses all its shape over that black cummerbund affair. You and Betty look fab.


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