It's the middle of the night... Western Europe, but here in Istanbul, where we're waiting for our connecting flight to Sunny Baku, it's early morning.  And I've had no sleep! Urgh...

Anyway, before I dazzle you all with tales of delight from Azerjiban, I thought you might like to see some pics from my recent venture to Amsterdam at the end of April, and "Eurovision in Concert"

Of course, "Indiana" Joan, who's singing for The Netherlands was FAB!  Her song is my favourite of this year - so expect much gushing and general enthralling every time she as much as burps during the next fortnight...

The Romanians met with the plastic dolly looking lady from Azerbidjan, whilst Anggun from France was seen giving tips on underpants posing to the lovely brothers from Switzerland.

How about this unfortunate pic of poor Anmary from Latvia?  How very unflattering!!!  Poor lass looks like she's just walked off the set of  Hammer Horror movie!

The same could NOT be said of the rather dishy Pasha from Moldova.  He sings the classic line "This trumpet makes you mine girl..."   What I want to know is, is that a euphemism, Pash?  One can only speculate!  I'm certainly detecting a hint of Colin Farrell.

Finally, God Bless poor, deranged Valentina from San Marino.  Honey - we really don't "wanna have cyber sex and click you with our mouse!"  She's certainly enthusiastic, though!


  1. Will there be the same two spellings of the host country in your blog? You go SDF!

  2. In honour of the fabuliscious Lynda Woodruffe, The Eurovisionary will be alternating spellings of Azerbidgen...Azerjeeban... of Bakooo, Bakooo for the duration!


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