Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory - a branch of mathematics and physics that deals with the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems... according to Wikipedia.

I have another definition:

Chaos Theory - the unending ability for every single taxi driver in the city of Baku not to know where any destination is, no matter how close, or straightforward.

Seriously, it's absolutely hilarious how completely hopeless the transport system is here in the city.  I've never known such complete and utter incompetence!    Now don't get me wrong.  We're all having a complete ball here, but the organisation is seriously inept!  We're STILL waiting for official transport to be sorted to take us to and from the Crystal Hall - which means having a three quarters of a mile walk from the dual carriageway by the flag square up to the press centre after you've managed to direct a taxi to there in the first place.  And in this heat that's not an enjoyable walk.  

So we're left having to take taxis everywhere - and then having to deal with these taxi drivers who don't know where any hotel is, where the Crystal Hall is, where Euroclub is (even if you give them the name of the actual venue, which is Baku Sports Palace).  And they'll try and fleece you for double, treble or even quadruple the actual fare!  We've now taken to telling then how much we are going to pay for a journey before we get in a cab!


  1. And the Montenegro dancer is just as perplexed about taxis in Bakooo

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