The longest day begins...

So here we are at the start of the longest day of Eurovision 2013.  All 17 countries from Semi 2 rehearse today, which means 30 min run throughs for each and then 20 minute press conferences an hour or so after each one finished on stage. 
That means that we're going to be in the press centre until around midnight tonight!  Thankfully there's a nice restaurant here, and we have tippy-tap tap water to sustain us...

Yesterday our favourite Belarussian Supermodel/Eurovision Artiste treated us all to goodie-bags filled with enough sugar encrusted sweet things to send any diabetic journalists into orbit somewhere around the planet Solayoh!

How very generous, you might think, until you took a closer look at the sell-by date on the back of the packaging...

Naughty Belarus!


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