Congratulations Denmark!!!

Well, it was always the most likely winner, and after all the speculation about what might or might not win, Emmelie de Forest gave Denmark a convincing win (thankfully beating Azerjibin into second place, with Ukraine placing third).

I have never been a big fan of the Danish song, but the people of Europe have spoken and they obviously love Emmelie's song, and surely that's what's important.  I really hope she manages to get a big hit with Only Teardrops, and starts a long and successful career on the back of her win.

I loved the large billboard Danish broadcaster, DR, had strategically placed outside the arena as everyone was milling out at the end of the show.  Cocky!!!

Our Bonnie finished in 19th place, with was at least out of the bottom 5, but having heard how she came over on TV I really can't say I'm that surprised...  it was a pleasant song, but really nothing more than that.

Hopefully next year we'll get someone a little more "current" to fly the British flag in Copenhagen.  Let's ask Emelie Sande - then we can have two consecutive winners called Emelie!!!

I'll finish with this lovely picture that I was sent a few days ago by the Danish PR team.  It's last year's champion, Loreen, with this year's victor, Emmelie.

Right, now where did I put my tin whistle?...


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