Opening Party and other fab stuff!

Hola!  So yesterday we had the Opening Party in the evening.  We met many of the artists in Euroclub later in the evening, after they had been wined and dined at the Opera.  Press weren't invited to the actual opening party at the Opera, but we got to watch it live in the big cinema at Euroclub, with a live commentary by Sweden's answer to Joan Rivers...  "...and there's the Israeli girl in a fabulous pink dress and matching spectacles... Ryan from Ireland loves to do watersports..."

Here are some of the pics from last night, along with some from earlier in the week and from when we met Norwegian Margaret yesterday... She LOVED the Minipop Icon on herself and thought that Ben had caught her likeness really well!

Anyway, the first full run through of Semi 1 is about to start so more thoughts on that and on qualifiers after... In the meantime enjoy the pictures...

The first one seem to feature a Bonnie Bunch of folk!!!


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