Ooh! I've been quoted in Swedish!!!

A journalist from host broadcaster, SVT, asked my for my opinion on whether Denmark would qualify...

Of course I was MORE than happy to share my views on that particular nugget!  The article, and a picture, can be found at this link


However, using the power of online translation I can tell you exactly what I said, which was:

"Colorless and almost trivial"

The voice, however, differs somewhat from the belief in victory for Denmark. David Elder from Scotland writes for scotsman.com and think the song itself is a little late this time.

- Unlike many others, I am not a big fan of the Danish contribution. Naturally, it is a perfect rendering of Emmelie, but for me, the flute and the Celtic feeling something that we have received from Ireland in the mid-90s - and I think the race is over it long when it comes to a certain style and performance that wins Eurovision. Germany's winner in 2010, and Loreen last year, won with modern, contemporary songs that went home in Europe. Emmelie is an amazing artist, but I think the song is right colorless and almost trivial.

Ha Ha Ha - I love online translation tools!


  1. Get it off yer chest, why don't you?

  2. well done!
    i hope european Televoters don´t take the Danish offer to move Eurovision back to the mid 90´s


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