A Giant, A Transexual and Sweet Dreams!

OK, so yesterday afternoon we had our first completely OMG moment of Eurovision 2013 as the Ukranian girlie was carried on stage by an eight and a half foot giant who proceeded to plonk her down on a podium and then stomp off!...  This was greeted with screams of laughter from the World's assembled press in the press centre.  I've never heard such raucous laughing during a rehearsal and to be honest it completely distracted from what is a very good song.

Couple this with the fact that poor Zlata couldn't do anything with her hair which kept ending up all over her face throughout... I don't think we'll be going to the Ukraine next year...

So, as you can see, we've been busy at work in the press centre... This picture was on the SVT website yesterday...  Infamy!

Last night was the opening of the EuroFans Cafe, and to our great delight they decided to have Eurovisi-oke!!!  The Karaoke singing was hosted by a very exotic "lady" named Francesca, who I think may have started life as someone altogether different in Bangkok...

I was quite happy to sit back and watch all the different fans from all over Europe, but my fellow Scot, Danny Lynch had other plans...  We were up third, and giving it loads as two thirds of UK hopefuls from 1983, Sweet Dreams!

Judge for yourselves....


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