Semi Final 2: My predictions

Well, for me Semi 2 is FAR stronger than the first one, but I'm already sensing that we might be in for one or two rather unpleasant shocks this evening.  I think there are around 4 songs which are guaranteed to go through this evening (including my two favourites Norway and Georgia) but who is going to take the other places is really difficult to predict.

The mass exodus of 5 of the ex-Yugoslav nations on Tuesday means that only little FYROM could now make the final, and whilst Esma is one of the regions biggest stars (and has been for decades) I can't see how she'll get through without those others voting for her.  Of course Albania, Romania, Blugaria and Greece are also technically Balkan and they do vote this evening - so it's not impossible.  I think they're just going to miss out, however, in favour of these 10:
  • LATVIA (Yup, it's horrible, but it's a strong opener and the kids in yesterday's audience were screaming like they were at a One Direction concert!)
  • AZERBAIJAN (This is VERY strong.  Almost certain Top 5 on Saturday night)
  • MALTA (cross EVERYTHING for Gianluca!  I love this and want it in the final)
  • FINLAND (still the most current song in the contest for me. Katy Perry with frills! fab)

  • ICELAND (Just beautiful!)
  • GREECE (If FYROM fail then this is going to hoover up ALL of the Balkan votes on Saturday making the Kiltie Ska boys a dead cert for the Top 10, and possibly even Top 5.  This will also take the UK 12 points on Saturday night - mark my words!)
  • ARMENIA (Yes, it's completely vile, but I have a horrible feeling we've not seen the last of this psychedelic-rock horror!)
  • ALBANIA (I know, I don't like it either!)
  • GEORGIA (WOO HOO!!! Go Nodi and Sophie!)
As ever, there will be shocks and surprises.  I want San Marino and Hungary to make the cut at the expense of Albania, Armenia or Latvia, but there are always casualties at this stage...

Darin and Agnes provide a competent interval act, and of course we've got more Lynda Woodruff to look forward to.  She's in Malmo this time!....



  1. 8/10 I think so good call. Makes for a great final. See you there!

  2. I think that Belgium are the ones to watch. Birds may also do very well, or conversely sink without a trace, depending on how she connects with the audience on the night. I also like the Ukraine more and more. Denmark does little or nothing for me. During the performance of Moldova in the first semi final I said to The Blonde Nun "is she getting taller?" to which the Blonde Nun said, in a very tired and resigned voice, "probably".

    The Blue Nun has spoken. My prayers are with Belgium. Amen.


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