The BEST Eurovision party of all time!!!!

As you all know Elaine and I have been great fans and promoters of this year's Georgian song and singers since we met them last month in Amsterdam.

Well, the Georgians were very aware of this and very kindly asked us, and Paul (Dr Eurovision), along to a VERY select gathering yesterday in the Georgian Embassy here in Malmo.
So there we were in our glad rags (please note the red and white ensemble in honour of our hosts!) and we arrived at the building where we'd been told the eembassy was.  It seemed to be like a very posh tenement, so up we went and knocked on the door.  Oops!  A young man answered and told us it was upstairs - this was his (very attractively furnished and tidy) flat!  Up another flight of stairs and knocked on the door.  An old lady answered and told us this was her flat and to go up another level!  She asked me where we came from so I told her, to which she replied, "oh I LOVE the United Kingdom!"  so I told her to Vote Bonnie!!!

When were eventually got upstairs we went into this fab big reception room with loads of Georgian food (pizza kind of bread, spinach and nut vol-au-vents, stuffed vine leaves...that kind of thing) AND... Lots of fabulous Georgian Red Wine - HOORAH!!!

After being officially welcomed by the Ambassador ("Hmm, Ambassador, with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!") we got a fab presentation about their home country.  Wow!!!  Georgia looks GORGEOUS.  We are going!!!

Then it was time for the completely fabulous and gorgeous Nodi and Sophie to sing for us for the first time.  I loved this wee tune

Tinatin - our lovely friend from the Georgian delegation - then came over and told Elaine and I that we were the favourites of thier delegation and that they had brought us each a present from Georgia to thank us for all the positive comments, pictures and blogs about Nodi & Sophie.

We got authentic Georgian hats!!!!   How fab are these?  Here we are with Tinatin.
She then took us over to meet our heroes once more and we had a great chat with Nodi about Scotland and told him he would look nice in a kilt.  I explained that I would be wearing a kilt on Saturday night, but with nothing underneath, and he replied, "Oh!  I want to see it!" LOL!!!
Next we went and had a chat with Thomas G:Son - the guy who wore the Georgian song, and also wrote last year's Eurovision winner plus about eleven million fabulous Melodifestivalen songs.  I told him that I thought his best song ever was Jannicke Abrahamsen's Rocket Ride from MGP back in 2007.  He asked if I was mad!!!

We had lots more Georgian red wine and food and soon it was time for our hosts to sing thier fabulous song (which I STILL think is going to win on Saturday!).

So we have to say a huge thank you to Tinatin and the Georgian delegation for inviting us to what we reckon was the BEST Eurovision party of all time.  We were very VERY happy as we left the embassy, and walked through the sunny streets of Malmo.  Then two minutes later we dumped into the whole Georgian delegation walking in the opposite direction so Elaine and I gave them a rousing rendition of Waterfall in the street - and Nodi and Sophie joined in!!!!


Georgia is SO going to win this thing - Woo Hoo!!!


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