Final predictions

OK then.  So the big day is finally here and tonight the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be known.

Who will it be?

Well, the bookies effectively closed the book weeks ago, with Denmark now being the strongest favourite to win virtually since the contest began.  It's won every fan poll going (but not - I would point out - the Infamous Scottish Preview Party vote!

Whatever you think of the song (and I really don't see the appeal that everyone else seems to), you can't deny it's the obvious choice to win this evening...

I still fancy the changes of my favourite Georgians, Nodi & Sophie - and think they will figure in the Top 5.

I'm also crossing everything for my actual favourite song in the contest, from the Brillian Margaret Berger and Norway!  I'm sure she'll figure in the final Top 5.

We can't rule out the possibility of Azerjibin sneaking a second win in three years...  So I also see them in the Top 5.

And I think the final song which is likely to figure in the Top 5 is Greece!  They're going to pull in a MASSIVE vote from the Balkan states as well as big votes from the UK, Ireland and loads of other juries.  It may even sneak a surprise win.

I think Netherlands may be one to watch.  It's very downbeat and understated, but it's a superb performance...

Special mention too to plucky little Malta with the lovely Gianluca, and the Bonkers Krista Siegfrids from Finland.  How fab if ether of them could pull off a shock win!

The first 10 minutes of the show will bring a tear to you eye. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!

Wherever you are - enjoy - and may the best song win!


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