The fashion faux-pas continue!

Serbia - looking like an explosion in a Dolly Mixture factory!!!

Meanwhile, elsewhere Ireland were rising the temperatures of the assembled press as they delivered one of the two best rehearsals of the day...
 ...and yes I know that picture doesn't even feature Ryan, the main singer... but I was thinking of my viewing public!  Seriously, though, their performance today was superb, and for my money, completely trumps Denmark at their own game!

The other amazing performance today came from Moldova.  A song I hadn't given any hope until today's rehearsal.  Aliona wears a dress with flames projected onto it, rather like Azerbaijan last year, and the dress "expands" till she's about the same height as yesterday's Ukranian giant.  Her vocal was stunning, and it all just looked amazing together...
Finally, my favourite song of this semi final was performed for the first time today.  Much hilarity amongst the room as Alyona from Belarus emerged on stage from a huge disco glitter ball (hasn't that been done before - Alcazar?).  Anyway, at least I enjoyed the hi-campery of it all...
Many folk were impressed with the Montenegrin spacemen. 

But it's rap. 

And I wasn't.


  1. It seems to be either too little or too much costume this year.


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