Making an entrance

So, after two fun-packed days in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, I'm now sitting watching the very first rehearsals of Eurovision 2013...  in a tiny cinema on the top floor of what looks like a converted slaughterhouse.

To be fair, the abattoir is decorated with lovely Eurovision butterflies (part of the official 2013 logo), as was this handsome fellow we found guarding the main square last night.

In fact, there is a pleasant air of Eurovision-ness around the city, and it looks as though they are really getting into the spirit of things with lots of butterfly images all over the place.

However, before we get into discussion, analysis and general bitching about the songs themselves I'd like to take you back to Saturday night, when my Danish friends Frank and Roni (who is actually Albanian, but lives in Copenhagen, so he's possibly Dalbanian...) took me to the fabulous Tivoli Gardens and MADE me go on all the scary rides - Hello?  The World's highest chair-oplanes?

Highlight of the vomit-inducing evening had to be the surprise arrivals of some of our fave Euro Stars...

  Bonnie Tyler!

 Conchita Wurst!

Lena Philipson!

Charlotte Perelli!


And so to the rehearsals...

Oh Dear God... The 7 foot leather-clad Slovenian girl is being backed by buff boy dancers in bondage gear!!!


  1. The look is so convincing - is Madame Tussaud's hiring?


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